Star Wars: Starfighter


My Role: Technical Designer

Skills Used:

  • Systems Design
  • UI Design


  • Proprietary Lucasarts level editor
  • Proprietary Lucasarts scripting language

Genre:  Flight-sim action shooter


  • PS2
  • XBox
  • PSN
  • PC

I set up the starfighters and capital ships to work in the game engine. I integrated their art & sound, set up their physics, scripted the AIs & created their projectiles.

I worked with the Level Design team to identify their specific mission needs, and suggested or created craft for their use. This also involved extensive gameplay tuning, where I adjusted each craft’s settings to their appropriate difficulty.

I also helped hook up the in-game HUD UI. I positioned the dynamic UI elements, set up parameters for the targeting reticules, and hooked up ammo trackers.