Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter


My Role: Technical Designer

Skills Used:

  • Systems Design
  • UI Design
  • Writing


  • Proprietary Lucasarts level editor
  • Proprietary Lucasarts scripting language
  • Filemaker Pro

Genre:  Flight-sim action shooter, multiplayer


  • PS2
  • XBox
  • PSN

This game was the sequel to Star Wars: Stafighter. Like with the first game, I worked with the HUD, integrated assets, set physics, created combat behaviors, and tuned balancing numbers.

The main new feature in the sequel was support for 2 player co-op in the story campaign, as well as player vs player missions. I handled the complex unit tuning that was needed to adjust from 1 player opponent to 2 player opponents. I also tuned the ships and weapons that players used against each other.

I also wrote a small amount of dialogue for general flight chatter and side characters. All the writing had to be particular to the Star Wars IP and meet stringent licensing criteria.