About Me

I am a professional game designer and avid gamer who believes in the power of video games to bring people together. I want to make play experiences that players connect with and remember for the rest of their lives.

My work experience includes making creative content for high-profile properties such as Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons, as well as for original titles.

Especially given the spotlight being shined on practices of overtime hours and layoff cycles, I am particularly proud of the nearly 7 years I spent on Dungeons & Dragons Online’s regular 3-month update releases. I led the content design team during this time, and we kept to our schedule in releasing fun and profitable content, all while keeping a reasonable work-life balance.

It wasn’t entirely with no overtime, but we kept it limited to a couple of weekends a year. This was achieved with good planning and setting good expectations. We knew we wanted to build something ambitiously fun for each update, and we knew how long we had to do it. A good deliverable plan and schedule allowed the content team to make something awesome, and make it on time. As lead, my responsibility was to put together that plan, and to see it through while respecting the team’s time.

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