Design Sample

Here are samples of documents that I wrote for my Orbital RTS project. I wrote the original documents in Word, but these links go to PDFs so that their formatting looks correct regardless of which version of Word you use.

 Click on each link to read the document:

ORTS Design Document – This is the first few pages of the general design document.

ORTS Unit Design – This is a detailed document describing four key units in my gameplay prototype. It gives a description of each unit, as well as their stats.

ORTS Prysim Concordiat Primer – I originally wrote this guide to help convey my alien race idea. Along with other visual reference materials, this guide helped a concept artist to visualize the race. This version of the document also displays some of the resulting concept art, so you can see how it turned out.


These designs were not just an academic exercise. Using Unity and C#, I created a working prototype of the game mechanics they described. I made this gameplay video as proof: