Agents of Mayhem


My Roles:

  • Lead Mission Designer
  • Lead World Designer during early development

Skills Used:

  • Team leadership & management
  • Level Design
  • Mission Design

(Images taken from ArsTechnica)

Achievement Highlight:

  • Grew a 3 person mission team into a 12 person team, and led them to create 24 missions over the course of a single year.


  • Proprietary game editor
  • Hansoft
  • Confluence

Genre:  Open World Shooter


  • PC
  • XBox One
  • PlayStation 4

Early in Agent of Mayhem’s development process, I led a team of Level Designers during early production of the game’s open world map. This included prototyping of how game features use the world, leading to level design metrics and standards that the team followed for the rest of development. I also collaborated with artists to help drive the aesthetic visual direction of AoM’s world.

Once AoM was ready to begin its critical-path mission development, I transitioned to lead the critical path mission design, while handing off my previous responsibilities as world lead.

I built up the Mission Design team, starting with an initial prototype team, and eventually overseeing multiple concurrent development pods. I led this team to create 24 critical path story missions in one year, and also collaborated with other teams to help on agent missions and side-missions.